Jochem de Vet | Writer/Director
Shaping Film and Sound To Perfection

A powerful thing

A powerful thing


A Powerful Thing


It's good to be making film. So many platforms are focussed on the fruits of our labours, they know their public can appreciate a good story. Film, video, whatever you want to call it. It's everywhere, getting binged on countless platforms. Series with 4+ seasons, 5 second loops, commercials, movies, short films, homevideo’s, vlogs, documentaries, animations, compilations. Content of all sizes. And the shift toward video content will only increase, because it works.

The moving picture is a powerful thing, we filmmakers tap deep into the viewers emotions. We shape messages, stories, images and audio from our imagination, experience and gut. We're always in contact, always dreaming. Dreaming about the stories we want to tell, images we want to show and sound we want to be heard by those who we continuously hope to catch, surprise, entertain, teach, and move.

And if video is a car then timing is it’s wheels. Timing, that what separates video from illustration, photography and, when we speak of timing in montage, classic theater. It can change the emotional construct of a scene, shape a character, a story, a memory, a powerful thing.

And every powerful thing has a powerful enemy. In this case: volume. The more video content gets made, the harder it gets to stick out from the crowd. So whatever we make. It has to be special, serve a goal. There is enough normal in the world. Dare to be different, to stick your neck out. Be cool, silly, creative. Be shockingly truthful, authentic, spontaneous. And don’t forget a killer advertising strategy.